Surgery Thursday

Hey everyone!

Been a while!!!


Tomorrow (Thursday, July 7th) I have surgery to remove the awesome metal that held my bones together while they healed up.  I am VERY excited to have the metal OUT!  I will be able to use my (dominant) Left arm again!

I have been totally amazed at myself as a human being, in how we are designed to adapt.  Several times in December soon after surgery, I kept just thinking that people exist that only _have_ one arm, so I would just figure it out, and I did!

I am looking forward to getting back to two arms though….. Things I have learned how to do with my non dominant hand (or just one handed):

Put socks on, open truck door(which is on the left side… think about it), order and grab food at the drive through with the ‘far away’ hand – the debit machine can be tricky.  Brush my teeth.  Shave.  wipe my butt (graphic… but hey.. you try it!), get out of bed, sleep on the side I am not used to, pick up my son with one arm (he’s pretty wiggly and heavy), eat, put on underarm deodorant (sure…one pit is easy, but that other one requires some flexibility!), put on and take off a t-shirt with one arm at my side (seriously… you should try all of this stuff, it’s hilarious!), swim with one arm, run with a velcro strap holding one arm to my chest (thankfully that wasn’t for too long), type without turning my left hand flat, text, drink coffee right handed, put a diaper on a 4 year old at night, actually, dressing him, lifting him onto the toilet, getting him out of the tub, drying him off…..

It’s been quite a learning experience!  I used to think I was ambidextrous – I was not.  At least not like I thought I was!

Probably the hardest was learning to think straight again in January, and learning to rest more.  I am pretty glad that is all behind me, and once this metal is out – physio can start and I can get back to my old self or better!

I am SO excited to do a burpee!!!!  to ride my bike, to swim with both arms!  To do a pull up, or even scratch my right shoulder!

So yah…. I am pretty excited for tomorrow……

Talk to ya later!



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