The BIGGEST gift!

Wow…. I did not see this coming!

After New York Film Festival on Long Island, I zapped right back into Full Tilt, head down, barely time to breathe.

Running a business in these recent times has been….. challenging if not nearly impossible.  It seemed that no matter what new things we learned, offered, created, or did, it was never enough.

then Covid 19 hit…. HARD.  The government shut down all gyms on Tuesday, March 17th and we were already digging in to becoming online based.  With sleeves rolled up, head down, and digging in to try and ‘outwork’ the situation, I STOPPED and realized….. no matter how hard I worked, no matter what I created, at the HIGHEST level of success – we would not survive the coming months.

So after 18 years, I closed my dream gym.  I sold everything and paid off my staff, all bills owed, cleared off the treadmill lease, and paid out members that we owed ‘time’ to for pre purchased memberships.

It was hard.  There was some ugly bawling.  but it was the right thing to do.

It was a whirlwind of chaos and intensity and time seemed to be in fast forward.

Through all of that, I began to be relieved as I realized that the stress of owning a massive business in a tough economy would be over, and I could design my future.  In the midst of the craziness and fear, I felt peace.

So now what?

Right now, I am building 2 main things:  Motivational Speeches to serve people in living their best life through my incredible experiences – not only from running a business for 18 years, but factor in all the lessons learned from the near death crash and the years of racing in triathlon.  I have SO much to share and teach and I am excited about that!

The other thing I am working on is a Daily Mindset Video program, where a video arrives each morning that is 3 to 10 minutes long, and helps you get clear, focused, excited and ready to succeed!  There is still much work to do on that, and I remain super excited to get that out to the world!

ok… there is a third thing – I am writing a new book, based on the experiences of the race in 2015, the near death crash and the recovery.  It will be a really great compliment to the movie, and let me and my crew fill in a lot of details and minutiae that the film could never accomplish.

In the meantime, I am truly enjoying a phenomenal amount of time with my family and de-stressing while I focus on coming down from 18 years of high stress and a crazy pace.

Stay tuned for more as I get things ready for the world!

Happy Training!


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