The Film is DONE!! (well, 99%)

I am SO excited for the movie!!

Myself, Drew, Darren and Lyle met tonight to watch the FINAL edit cut of the movie and it is AMAZING!!!!

I honestly was not sure how Drew would be able to improve on the film, but with 50 awesome feedback forms from the people at the world premiere, we knew that there were some things to improve.  We mostly had to be clearer to people that did not know the story or me, and that was hard for us to picture – knowing the story so well……

The feedback was AWESOME!!

Drew took a great film and made it a LOT better!

There were like, 3 minor little things to tweak and then we submit it to the Banff Mountain Film Festival on Friday!!

Amazing to see, not only the dream of the inspirational documentary come to life, but also to be able to share the journey from the crash, to being whole again!

I am excited to share this with the world soon!

We still have a lot of work to do to find sponsors and get to the next step, but this is one HUGE leap!

Stay tuned for more!


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