The Film Preview is LIVE in our theatre!

Well THAT was surreal!!

Tonight, Drew and I got to be in the Sylvan Lake Landmark Theatre – where our very own Warrior Code Film was one of the previews!!  Knowing there were friends and people I know in the audience…. watching this!!  For REAL!  (on the big screen!)

Over 4 years ago, I contacted Drew Kenworthy from Shoelace media about an idea for a documentary.  I was once again doing the Ultraman World Championships, and thought it would be pretty cool to film it – given how hard it was, how much training was involved and how special the race was, with all of the family (Ohana) elements to it.  Ultraman is very rare and special – it is a team effort and the camaraderie is very unique.

Then in 2015 I crashed and nearly died.  The rules of the film changed…. but we pressed on, and what we have captured is, I think, going to be incredible!

We got the posters done up this week and started putting the word out.  Drew tweaked the preview a bit for the theatre and we have the date all nailed down and the theatre rented for June 13th, 2019, 6pm.

I built a nicer website page and we are getting ever closer!

Of course, the pressure is all on Drew now!  Just like I was training 25 to 28 hours a week in September, October – before the big race, and struggling to fit in all of it with working 80 hours a week, and a family…. it was nuts… but I pulled it off!  Drew is facing the same challenge.

How to sift through probably a thousand hours of gopro and camera footage and piece together a movie.  How will it start, flow, finish…. tie up….  What pieces should be included from the time before the crash, during the 2015 race, the recovery, the training to get back and then the 2018 race.  SO much to think about and a daunting task!

I feel for him.

And I am excited!!!

June 13th will be the world premier, but it will also be a test run.  The audience will be tasked with filling out forms to let us know if it was good or not, needed work, what they loved, didn’t love etc……. because then we have 90 days before we will hand it in to the Banff Mountain Film Festival in August, completed!

Then in October it will be viewed and judged and from there – who knows!!!

Darren, my friend and the Producer of the film, has been talking with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon….. so we shall see…..  I hope the world can see it and gain something from the experience.


The people at Landmark Cinemas have been AMAZING!!  So awesome!!!

I have a LOT of work to do in order to try and secure some sponsors to cover the mounting costs of the post production – which are mostly being done on a volunteer basis until some money comes in….. how’s that for a team effort!?!?

So yes.. It has been a BIG night…..

and I am very proud of our team.

Talk again soon!


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