The Movie Premier is in less than a month!!

Hard to believe…. after over 4 years since the idea came to me to make a movie… that we are HERE.

Of course, that says nothing of the….. uh…. detour we took in 2015 – where I was gunning for a top 10 finish and ended up rather broken.

Hey… life happens!!

So here we are…. tickets are already over 50% sold for the World Premier on June 13th – and that is already a party!!

I made a simple website page for you all to check out the previews and get tickets if you wish.

This is going to be a BLAST!  I myself, will have NOT seen the film until you do, that night!  We decided this.

It gives creative control and keeps me out of it for now, to see what comes up…..

After the Premier – we will hand out feedback forms, and then we have 45 days to tweak and adjust as needed, before we submit to the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

From there – who knows!

We do have confirmation for getting it on Amazon Video, and we have been speaking with Netflix…. so we shall see!!

For the rest – I have been working a lot, but also trying to integrate more family time, as I train a LOT less.  I built my son a treehouse while taking a week off, and even though I have only been ‘maybe’ running once a week on the high side, I did the Woody’s Rv World 10k race today – and clocked around a 48 minute 10k (the course is 10.5kms and I was 49:50 – so the actual 10k was somewhere around 48 flat).  It was hard with so little training but fun!  I have been cycling 1x a week for the most part and strength training (crossfit style) 4 times a week to rehab my shoulder and fill in the weak links that have long been ignored.

My physio – Travis and my Chiropractor – Dr Fox continue to improve the range of motion in my shoulder and work to get my fingers back to better use.  Stil cannot close my right hand after that brutal faceplant in training a year ago.  That has been SUPER frustrating, but we keep at it……

That’ it for now, so Get your tickets, and Get excited!!

Happy Training!


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