This Is For Scott For Today

Thank you Lyle for the updated post on Scott. So appreciated. We started out the day with Stephen running 10 miles, and him asking anyone running, or walking today to dedicate their km, or miles to Scott. Today the Ultraman concluded with a double marathon, and wanted to match that.  Everyone who posted their distances, short, and long, did  in support for our friend, and fellow athlete. Hope I have not missed anyone on the last blog. A lot of the mileage came from run groups not familiar to most, but they wanted to give their support anyway. So, the run time today, from start till cut off was 12 hours to finish Ultraman.. Collectively, with people running, walking, jogging,some skating, we all clocked up approx 435km in the 12 hour period.!! That is so awesome! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to post. Scott, I hope this with all the other messages, etc you receive, will lift your spirits, and know you are loved, and respected by so many, whatever.  Speedy healing.

Hoping next time you all get blog, it is from Scott.



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