Scott McDermott

Qualifications: NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers), TWIST Sport Conditioning Level 3 (strength, movement, balance), Kettlebells Level 1, NCCP Triathlon (Competition Level National Coaching Certification), crossfit Level 1, CPR, First Aid.

About Me: I have been a Personal Trainer since 1999, when I went from heavy and sick, to fit and healthy!  I have a real passion for coaching and helping people with their goals, no matter what they are.  Since starting Best Body Fitness and creating the gym of my dreams, I have reduced my training load, but still have many clients online.  Among many other things, I race and coach people for Fat Loss, and Triathlon, (and as part of that, I have coached Masters Swimming, Indoor Cycling Classes, Training Camps and a Running clinic).  I also coach people for Obstacle Course racing like Spartan, Mud Hero, Zombie Run etc.  I like to communicate and explain things so that my clients truly understand them, and to design custom workouts to suit whatever goal is coming up.  I have written a book to help people, called ‘If Your Body Were a Car, You Wouldn’t Treat it This Way’.  After a near death crash at the Ultraman World Championships in 2015, my team and I have made a feature length documentary called “Living the Warrior’s Code”.  My passion is for functional training and sport specific training as well as education, speaking to groups of people from 5 to 500 to 2000.


Racing stuff:

2013: Woody’s Marathon May, 400km Ride 2 Survive Cancer (bike from Kelowna to Vancouver) in June, Sinister 7 Trail Race, legs 4 & 5  (55km run)  in July, Challenge Penticton (Iron distance triathlon) in August, Ultraman World Championships in November…

2014: Woody’s Marathon, 400km Ride 2 Survive, Spartan Races (A Sprint, Super and Beast), Sinister 7 Mountain Run, Tour Divide (mntn bike from Banff to Montana), and maybe a few other things…..gotta fit a triathlon in there somewhere…..

2015: The return to Ultraman!  And making a film!  The year started with a lot of training, and then a trip to Arizona for an intensive camp (so much fun!), and along with several lead up races including a 50km off road Ultram marathon things looked great for the Ultraman World Championships in November!  Well… with an amazing start to the race, I was in 10th on day 2, and crashed when my front tire slipped out at just under 70kph on a bridge approach.

2016: Recovery and getting back to good!  Lots of rehab and therapy, surgery to remove metal bits and a few running races thrown in to keep me sane.

2017: Comeback race in Couer d’Alene Idaho!  Full Ironman.

2018: Back the Ultraman World Championships!!  Finished 26th overall and had a BLAST!!!  Plus, we made  a movie!!  Submitting to the Banff Mountain Film Festival in July 2019!



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I keep my client list pretty short, and work one on one with people both in person and online.  I use a piece of software called Training Peaks to create and post workouts for my clients.  This allows me to create a custom program for Triathlon, Spartan Training, Weight Loss, Marathon, or whatever the goal.  I write strength, cardio and recovery elements into each day.  You get an e-mail the night before, or can log in and see your whole week plan.  Each day you record what you did, how it went, how you felt and as much detail as you can share.  This lets me, as your coach closely monitor how you are doing and continue to update and revise your program each week to get you results!

E-mail me and we can talk about pricing and all that stuff…..I work very one – on -one – so posting a cookie cutter price plan makes no sense…..  Here is an example of what that looks like…. (I made this for a lady named Kim to see – just ignore that bit…)