Tuesday, Oct 29th

I really enjoyed my day off from training Monday – been a while since I had one of those!!!

I was really stoked about how great I felt after the big 60km run on Sunday!  Had a pretty painful but effective Graston Technique treatment to open up the fascia in my hip flexors and abdomen (yowch!) but it really helps open up my stride again, so worth it!  I also managed to fit in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment at O2xy Wellness in Red Deer.  If you don;t know what that is: I lay in a glass tube and the air is pressurized to 60 feet below sea level (2 atmospheres) and then I breathe pure oxygen for an hour while I watch a movie – usually nature films….  It really speeds healing – I used it a lot when I first had my injury, and also last year when I tore ligaments in my ankle.

Today, I felt amazingly good!  Enjoyed a wonderful morning at home with Hilary and Kaden, funny how poopy diapers and messy breakfasts are some of my fun moments…..Love that little critter!

After a super high speed day at work (we were VERY excited to get 4 new Keiser bikes today!), I headed home for a quick meal and to grab my swim gear for practice.

Arriving at the pool, I realized that I had my days mixed up (since I usually swim M/W/F/Sat, and it is Tuesday), no lane swim at 7pm.  Rats!  Google Red Deer – next lane swim 8:30pm.  Run a few errands and drive to RD.

Had a GREAT 2200m swim in the pool and felt awesome!  Really pleased with my recovery, and although it seems like no big deal to a normal person, when I got home; I could walk on the bare floor in my sock feet.  That’s a big deal, because April through most of October – that was impossible.  I had to wear shoes at all times, because of my heel injury.

So to have it be pain free 2 days after a 60km run?  Yah….feeling good about that!!!

This article was written by scott