Ultraman Training Update including 2 big events from the summer

Well folks…. with life being as busy as it has been…. the whole Blogging thing has taken a back seat….

But I know there are perhaps a few people that are following this crazy journey, so here goes (again).

After my Coach, Craig Percival passed away suddenly 2 years ago, I was devastated obviously, and for a long time went without a coach.  I am a nationally certified coach myself, so I know how to pick workouts etc, but I sure missed the actual ‘coaching’ bit – the expert opinion, the guidance, the reassurance and understanding….. the objective view of things.  I asked around, looked into several people and hired another coach this spring.  I hired him because he had a doctorate in Human Performance as well as a masters degree in Health and Phys Ed.  I figured he was a good choice to lead me back from the crash.  Well…. this guy had BIG shoes to fill…..  because I would always compare him to Craig, who contacted me once a week or so, or when he could read that I needed it, he seemed to know what I was going through, and part of what I appreciated was that he knew what it was like to balance a young family and a business with training for Ultraman.   We made a BRILLIANT team.  (God I miss him).

This new coach…. no feedback, no acknowledgement of where I emailed training restrictions, no advice on getting through challenges, just a ‘pick and click’ coach dropping pre-made workouts down into a calendar… Good workouts, make no mistake, I love the TriSutto method that he is part of, and ultimately I want to certify in it when it makes sense to do so, but I wanted a coach… a guide… a mentor.

For $240 USD I got a cut and paste program and occasionally, maybe once or twice a month, a 2 sentence comment.  I don’t need to be baby sat…. but I would have liked a little help with all that I was going through.  The final straw was when I had poured out my soul regarding the thing I was needing advice on, and he said: “This is a hobby…”  And while that is true in some regard, it comes from a deeper place.  I nearly died in 2015, and I have fought HARD for 3 years to get back to that line.  I sacrifice weekly to overcome hurdles to make this work, forgoing any sort of life beyond work, my family and training.  Anyway…. whatever….. Rear view mirror…

I am on my own again….. self coaching.

Ride to Survive.  June 23, 2018

I am happy to day that the Ride to Survive Fundraiser not only went really well in the sense of raising over $3100 to add to the over $720,000 we put together for directed Cancer research this year….. but I felt GREAT!  The ride took us through a cold rain at 3:30am from Kelowna to Westbank and up Penask which also featured a nice headwind.  it did let off though and we enjoyed perfect weather from then on.  I was having a big problem with the seat post on my bike however and had to raise it back up and tighten it every time we stopped!  It was getting pretty annoying.  After the 3rd time, we applied a healthy dose of black electrical tape, which did serve to slow it down, but the problem persisted and I tightened the nut until it stripped by Merritt.  As i climbed the Coquihalla, it slipped so low that my knees were screaming.  I had to jump in the sag wagon to save my day and get a 10km ride to the next stop.  I gave my bike to Marco – the mechanic and took a loaner bike.  An older ladies bike.  I was grateful and powered up Larson hill to Britton Creek near the summit of the Coquihalla.  Once there, the mechanic showed me that the seat clamp had 3 small cracks in it, plus was installed with white lithium grease(!) and that was why it was not holding tension.  We had no solution available to us.  I told him I could not continue on the ladies bike.  It didn’t fit and I was unsafe to descend for 60kms to Hope with brakes that my damaged fingers could not squeeze.  That is why I bought a disc brake bike – so I could safely ride.  Thankfully, Hilary and Kaden were there, and I tossed the bike in the truck so that we could bomb down to Chilliwack and have the bike shop fix me up with a new clamp.  I called ahead and they had the part I needed.  We stopped in to Timmies and I refueled as we drove, since I would miss the big food stop in Hope.  We had the bike set up in no time, and headed back towards the group, stopping in Aggasiz to regroup.

I rejoined the ride and off we went!!  There were about 50% new riders this year, and we were behind, so we pressed on and arrived at Caps Bicycle shop in Delta at a few minutes to midnight. I felt good riding in the dark, solid, powerful, strong.  I could hear people all around suffering and mentioning the challenges they were going through, but I just felt good.  Granted, I had ridden less than some folks, only 300kms on the odometer, instead of 370 (the ride was shortened a bit over the years with a few road changes, and being so late this year, they cut some sections).  Clearly I had fueled and trained well, and that is good news.

Like I said, I was proud of the money raised but also thrilled that I felt STRONG right up to the very end.

We made our way to the seedy little motel we had found in North Vancouver and went to bed.  Exhausted, but happy.  I didn’t sleep much, partly from my body telling me things, partly from the noises coming through the walls of the motel.  We got up and headed over to the ‘complimentary’ breakfast…..  ooh boy…. nothing nice I can say about that.

Off to see Dianne – my birth mom.  Fighting Ovarian Cancer.  Once we arrive, we wait, she’s napping.  It’s good to catch up with Ken and Danielle – my half sister.  Momma D comes out after a while, she looks tired, but good.  We visit, but not for too long.  Kaden reassures me on the drive back the motel that the scientists I just raised money for will find a cure for Nana and she will be just fine….. yes buddy, they will, and she will be.  🙂

Ironman Canada 70.3 Whistler

I will make this brief….. because the blog is already long…..  We took a few days to get out to Whistler – stopping in Banff to visit family and then in Revelstoke so that we could visit the Enchanted Forest the next day instead of driving by and saying “we should plan to go there some day’.  Of course Kaden, now 6, LOVED it!!  At one point he said to the lady working there: “you probably remember me from the last time I was here!” (…. 3 years ago…. awesome.  I love children).  We headed on to Salmon Arm to meet with Hilary’s cousins from Holland.  I had arranged to rent a boat so we could all go for a cruise in the lake.  It was EPIC!  So fun!!!  Then on to Whistler.

We managed to make some time to visit with friends Doug and Shawna and their son Wyatt – a few months older than Kaden and went to teh Mine Tour in Squamish (HIGHLY recommend!) as well as a few visits with Nana and Papa in North Vancouver.  I truly wanted to ensure that this racecation had the family side covered. We thoroughly enjoyed the time with everyone!

For the race itself, I really love Whistler – it is an amazing area and although the 2 transition race with the horrendous spectator limitations are 2 things I don’t like, everything else is AWESOME!  I got in some really solid training before the race and felt great!  It was HOT!  above 30 C the whole time and our condo did not have A/C with bedrooms on the 3rd floor, so uncomfortable!!  Oh well!!!

I had one athlete in the race, Belle Clark and so we met up several times to swim the lake, cycle and run on the course and do lots of recon to mentally prepare for the journey ahead.

Race day I actually ended up staying in Belle and Ryan’s condo – because getting around Whistler on race morning is pretty much impossible.  Hilary and Kaden took a bus from our condo on the South end of Whistler to the north end, but missed the swim and never did see me on the bike.  Like I said, it’s a hard course to spectate.

Lyle and Chuck  – 2 friends of mine were also there, but I only bumped in to them a few times in passing.  Too bad, but oh well.

Race morning went very well, I set my gear in T2 and took the bus to T1, got ready, had a warm up swim and then waddled to the starting chute like sheep.  they put us in the water one at a time which made everything take a while, but I finally got in and had a great swim!  I was out in 38 minutes and with a few zigs and zags – my watch says I swam 2100m instead of 1900, but I heard a lot of people say the swim was long.

I took my time in T1, getting set up to have a great bike in the heat.  Arm coolers, beanie under my helmet and a port-a-pottie stop in T1 all added to my transition, but also to a tremendously enjoyable day!  9:44 – not great… lost time, but perhaps invested time.

I hammered the bike pretty hard, wanting to ensure a sub 3 hour time in a very hilly course.  I wasn’t too worried about the run, knowing this was a training race and I just wanted to see what a good effort would reveal.  Part way through the first 30 kms I could tell my seat post was dropping (again!!  and on a different bike!!).  I powered up Callaghan road and on the way back down, knew I had to stop and check the seat.  I pulled off to a safe spot on the median and pulled out the bike tools.  Belle zipped by and asked if I was alright.  “Yup, just a seat post issue, will try to fix it!”.  Turns out one of the two bolts was sheared off.  I loosened the other bolt, raised the seat post and cranked the one good bolt as much as I could, figuring it would either hold, or break.  I rode the last 40kms with a ‘light’ bum as best I could and got though with minimal slippage and a 2:45 bike time.  Awesome!

Again a slower T2 at 6:44, but I was ready to face the heat!

I felt hot and tired on the run, but really just stayed steady, stayed on the fuel, hydration and cooling efforts and ticked off the miles.  I helped a lady with bad stomach issues with some Gas X and I thought she was going to kiss me later when she flew by singing my praises and calling me an angel!  that was nice.  I love to help.  I Had seen Lyle chugging along looking solid but knew Chuck was out in front.  I finally saw him on the way to the turnaround, he was about 3 or 4kms ahead – now way I was catching him today!  I finally saw Hilary and Kaden as I made the final turn into the village and stopped for a quick hello.  I ripped through the final mile and finished feeling great!  2:14:13 on the run, and 5:53:49 on the day.  My goal was to have fun and be sub 6 if possible.  check mark!

Kaden was there at the end and snuck in to the finishers area to join me.  Awesome!

After some food and a few things, we went over to Belle and Ryan’s so I could clean up and get ready to go spectate.  Hilary went off to get me some cheap crocs, because my day shoes were down at Alta Lake and you couldn’t get down there.  The bags were promised to be at T2 by late afternoon and I couldn’t spectate shoe-less…  As I waited, I was shocked when Belle came in the door!!!  Turns out that she got mistakenly lumped in with a group of people headed UP the mountain when she had already done the climb and was on her way back.  They pulled her from the course, when she legally had plenty of time.  Sucks…. but nothing you can do about it after it’s decided by a course marshal, wrong or not.  We all had a moment about it, but she was a rock star and handled it well…..  She signed up the next day for the 2019 race – vowing to be so strong on the bike, that cutoffs would not be a concern!  (This is one amazing lady!!!)

We enjoyed the race for a bit, made our way back to the condo and relaxed.

The following day we enjoyed teh festivities and then went to the adventure park where Kaden had a blast on all of the features.  Bumper cars, trampoline, climbing zone, water balloons and more.

Then was the long 2 day drive home.

Things have only sped up since then… my Mom (Marj) broke her hip during the time we were driving (she’s 85 years old) and I got back to work to realize I could not leave.  Summer was extra hard this year and I had to seriously roll up my sleeves!  We thought we would lose her as she went in for surgery, but against all odds, she got though it ok!  Then 2 weeks later, fell out of her wheelchair and broke her other hip…  she is still in hospital recovering from that surgery.

And speaking of surgery, my birth Mom had her surgery and that too went well!  she is at home recovering and all things look positive that cancer has been beaten!

With Ultraman 12 weeks away, I am hard at work trying to get things at the gym stable and powerful so that I can leave to Kona to race.  We have our flights booked, accommodations set up and are working on the final details as we can at this point.  The next big step is raising funds to cover the massive expenses, so if you can help, please do.  Link is next.

Help us get to Kona!

And if you  have not seen the new Video promo for the film… it’s amazing!  Click here to see it!


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