UMWC 2021 Training Update March 28

Training is going so well so far this year! OK, sure…. no pool access, so there’s that… but me and my pain cave in the garage have become great friends! Lots of people I know through endurance training _hate_ training indoors, but I need to admit that I LOVE it! I love that I get to watch movies and series online through various streaming avenues. Otherwise I never get to. I also really love that I have been training with my Son, Kaden. He has started to join me for my bike rides or treadmill runs. He uses the elliptical or treadmill while I do my thing. ok, sure you could argue that he sort of fools about and plays on the machine while he trains, doing fun experimental movements using the handrails, pedals, treadmill etc. Going sideways, one leg and all manner of creative means to muck about while we watch Star Wars animated shows, The Mandalorian or Garfield. 100% FINE by me!! I love that we get to be side by side, to laugh and enjoy together. This past Saturday, he hung in there for my entire 3 HOUR bike and 15 minute run! It is SO awesome! What else do I love about training in the cave? It’s predictable. I have a Wahoo Kickr that I got maybe 6 years ago or so and that means with my cell phone I can generate the most ignorant hills I want. I can suffer and adapt far beyond anything that our local roads can offer. I kept one treadmill from the gym closing, so I have a state-of-the-art Green Series Treadmill that goes steeper and faster than I can, so there is a huge range of potential to get stronger! I can control the environment without having to deal with the snow and wind this time of year, and later, rain and such. There are also no redneck truck drivers trying to kill me or roll coal with their filthy diesels. My trainer never gets a flat tire. If I need water or electrolytes I can pause and go get whatever I need. Same for bathroom breaks. I never get sunburn or mosquito bites either.

Sure… I do love to be outside, but I ALSO love the pain cave. I would prefer a pool to swim bands, fair enough, but my 2x a week strength training is paying off, and that is mighty.

I am SUPER excited about being accepted to the 2021 Ultraman World Championships in Kona Hawaii November 24-26/21 and had a great Zoom meeting already with my new crew: Chuck Downie and Craig Keller. Both rookies, but AMAZING guys and both excited to be a part of this journey!

I did have a GREAT outdoor run today though and I truly enjoy the challenge of that. I wore too many layers today as the temp climbed during my run and before too long I had a full pocket of clothes in the back of my shell jacket. I didn’t bring water today, and that wasn’t brilliant. Got it. Still, I ran my fastest Half Marathon since 2012. And that I credit to my steady training, but mostly – my Bemer PEMF medical device! I call it my ‘training eraser’ and I JUST love it!!! PEMF uses magnetic waves to increase blood flow and that means recovery! This morning I did an 8 min session before my run and the first 5 kms ticked off at a 5:01 pace km after km with hardly any effort! Once home and cleaned up I did 2x 8 min sessions and I feel like I ran a 10k, not a 21.1km. Yes.. I sell them now… because OF COURSE I want to help others! That’s my jam!!

I am also coaching several people one-on-one and a group each month on the 21 Day Nutrition Detox, which means I am having a BLAST helping others!! Interested?

I am also working towards some evening events where I host a Zoom call, play the documentary and then have an interview with one or more amazing people. We talk about endurance, the film, and all manner of relevant things.

That’s about it for now!

(I am) Happy Training!

Coach Scotty.

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