Update on the Film Festivals etc

Hey everyone!!

As fall arrives, I find myself back on the indoor trainer, and most races completed for the season.

I also realized I have not done an update for a while….

I ran a Half Marathon in Banff on Sept 28th and in spite of a chest cold hanging on, and sub zero temperatures, I managed a respectable 1:40:51 for the 21.1kms.  Placing 6th in my age group and 71st overall of 835 runners.

I have certainly been staying active in some ways – lots more strength training with our Warrior Strength program (Crossfit style).  Cycling on my mountain bike towing my son around, and fairly consistent running, no swimming.  :-O

I did drive to Pentiction for the big Ironman Announcement and signed up for August 2020!!  Very excited for that race to return home!!

As for the Documentary, well, that has been quite a road!  We made some AMAZING adjustments after the world premiere in my home town, and submitted to 6 film festivals.  We have head back from 3 so far:

Firenze Film Festival Italy: NO

Chilliwack Film Festival, Canada: NO

Banff Mountain Film Festival, Canada: NO  (that one was heart breaking – it was the only one I cared deeply about.  oh well!  The film is GREAT, they just didn’t choose it for whatever reason.

Ogden Film Festival, USA: Waiting

Sundance Film Festival, USA: Waiting

Docfeed Film Festival, Holland: Waiting

Immediately when we heard about Banff saying no, we entered 11 more festivals…..

AmDocs – Palm Springs, CA

Canadian Film Fest – Toronto, ON

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival – Missoula, Montana

Slamdance Film Festival – Park City, Utah

Seattle International Film Festival – Seattle, WA

Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival – Tampa Bay, FL

Malibu International Film Festival – Malibu, CA

Sea & Beach Film Festival – Santa Pola, Spain

New York Long Island Film Festival – Lindenhurst, NY

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival – Sebastopol, CA

Underexposed Film Festival – Rockhill, SC

Atlanta Docufest – Atlanta, GA

So we shall see what the future holds!  Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are still interested, and we keep chatting with them about it to keep the fire going.  We really want to exhaust the Film Festival route first, gain some experience, credibility, reviews and then press on.

I have not had much luck with sponsors, but honestly, I have been working so much, I have not chased it very hard…..  so that’s on me.

I am looking forward to getting back into triathlon training this month, I really miss it!  My mental health misses it…… I find my self with super low drive and just sort of sad a lot.  I miss the long meditative sessions where I get to think and be alone with my thoughts.  I did promise to take it light this year and I have….. but the risk in that, is I lose myself a little.  My Wife has noticed, and is also happy I am starting training back up.  🙂

Kaden is doing REALLY well in school this year, and Hilary continues to be awesome.

I am working with a few more online clients this year, coaching for Triathlon, as well as fat loss and one Spartan.  I have been making Daily Mindset Videos for them, and that continues to be a source of joy and purpose.

I was event director for the Terry Fox Run again, participated in the SCUBA lake cleanup, spoke at the highschool on nutrition as well as leading their Terry Fox Run, Built a Shed, Finished Kaden’s Treehouse, and worked a ton…..

I have had 2 requests for Key Note speeches in 2020 – one from a School, one from a Marathon – so that is really fun!!

Friday night, Hilary and I were invited to an art show – and my high school friend Shauna Olsen had done a painting from a photo I took of a turtle while I was training in Hawaii for the 2018 comeback race.  It is AMAZING!  We couldn’t afford to just buy it, but with a few payments, ‘Kona’ will be the first legit piece of artwork in our house!  We were floored by the work Shauna put into it and the final product is lovely!

That’s about all for now…

Thanks for tuning in!!


Cycling with the Family, and Melissas’ race.

The painting and the original photo.

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