Warrior Code Film WORLD Premiere in 1 Week!!!!

I am getting SO excited!!!

the past few weeks have been an amazing blur in so many ways!

It feels like magic as things come together.  Drew Kenworthy (Filmmaker) and Darren Thompson (Executive Producer) have been meeting to keep things on track, and the film is done…. and now just being tweaked and improved to be ready for Thursday.

Yes, it is true – I am not allowed to see the film until the premiere.  It’s crazy making, but also fun and exciting.  Like not knowing the sex of our baby until born.  OK, on a LOT lesser scale…  but still – exciting!

Dan Siver and the folks at Landmark Cinemas Sylvan Lake have been AMAZING!!  They are so helpful and have really worked to make this awesome for us!

The tickets have been available for only a few weeks and we are nearly sold out!  (yup – just like Avengers End Game!!!)  (MUCH smaller budget)

Right now that are only 28 tickets left!!!  That’s wild!!  (and I am SO thankful to my friends for this level of support!)

The goal of the film remains unchanged – to inspire people.  To show how a regular normal person like me, with a team of great friends, can accomplish something that would seem impossible.  To show that humans are infinitely capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.  To heal, to overcome, and to thrive against all odds.


So here we are, less than a week to go, and I am grinning ear to ear at the thought that we will pull this off.  My crazy silly idea to make a movie… is coming true!  Yes – it is not the movie I thought we were making 4 1/2 years ago, it is dramatically different…… but that is life…..  Never quite what we expected.

I am beyond grateful for my health, my family, my friends and the ability to share this with you.


See you soon!!



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