WOW! What an AMAZING August!!!

Hi there!!

When we had the idea to show the film around Alberta (and one in BC) I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into (typical).  But as usual, Ready FIRE!…..aim…… and off we went!

It was AWESOME!!!  SO much fun!!  I met the most amazing people, we laughed, we cried, we shared, and it was amazing!  I suppose if I search for a sad part of the story – it would be the people that claimed tickets and did not show up.  That hurts.  We put a lot of effort into this, and to claim a seat and then not bother, well, whatever.  We focused on the people that DID come and even when it was 5 people in a 150 person theatre, we ROCKED IT!  The Q & A sessions were intimate and personal.  Sometimes the smallest crowds donated the most!

I won’t mention anyone, because then I need to mention everyone, and I fear I would miss someone….  Suffice it to say that my friends, my amazing connections in each town were generous beyond compare! Even more than that – is the excitement we created, and the people I have met is a huge gift!

Now… we DID have a purpose in all of this!!  We needed to raise enough money to cover the music licence rights as well as renting all of these theatres.  Some gas money was also in the hopes and dreams.  In these times, with my business closed forever, my Wife not working and everyone else associated with this project hanging on by their fingernails, we needed to reach out for support.

That’s where people like YOU came in!  We figured if we could give you a GREAT show, some popcorn and snacks at a discount, then that was worth something and it WAS!  We had a cost covering goal of $6000.  We brought in $3705.  So we will pay the music licence rights, the theatre rental, and figure out the printing and travel and some other costs another way.  Who knows?  A few paid speaking gigs and we will get there!!

Once we see what the world does in the next few weeks now that school is in again and cold and flu season is coming, then we will decide what comes next.  Things will likely either ramp up, or calm down, and I am hoping for the second option.

Currently I am working on the book, some speaking inquiries and home life!  I was coaching dryland hockey training through August as well and I as much as I loved it, a quiet September sounds good!

I did sprain my back doing yard work a few weeks ago, and that has been pretty tender, and I am anxious to get back to training while the nice weather is still here!

that’s about it for now, Thanks for tuning in!


Enjoy the random collection of photos!

9 Round was a HUGE sponsor in Leduc!!
Amazing poster from Print Wizards, and THE jersey from the crash (my Wife doesn’t like it, but understands that it tells a story)
Yes, that is my SAME Cervelo from the crash. A few scratches, but she is a strong ride!!

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